20-21 CSHS Yearbook Business Ad Sales

Click here for information on purchasing an ad to support the award-winning CSHS yearbook.

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Your yearbook ad dollars will go to lower the price of the book for our students and help pay for equipment and education for our staff.

See some samples of past ads below.

Full page ads:

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20-21 Yearbook Sales

Purchase your yearbook at www.balfour.com.

We offer a discount for ordering early.

If you wait until books arrive in May to purchase, you may not get a book because we may sell out and can not order more.

Price until 10/15/20 – $75

Price until 12/31/20 – $85

Price until 3/5/20 – $95

The above prices are discounted prices (less than the cost of the book).

If you wait until after 3/5/20 to buy, the price will be the full price of the book plus tax, which will be determined in May.